Water Heaters



Is your water heater leaking? Is it using too much energy? Is your hot water supply unreliable or intermittent? Or are you paying too much for a rental and want affordable ownership?

We install water heaters in the Waterloo Region. Our experienced gas technicians can advise you on new products, replacement products and can quote you on the spot. No surprises. 

We will help you return your rental unit and replace it with an affordable, efficient water heater that will save you money for years to come. 


Popular types of water heaters

  • Standard Tank Gas water heaters are the most common. They come in different sizes, so it's best to size the unit to suit the family needs. Power-vent units have replaced standard vent in most homes, but they are still available. It's most affordable to replace your existing water heater with a similar one to avoid extra labour and venting material costs.
  • Tankless water heaters, are gaining popularity but have not been totally perfected. For the Waterloo Region, where water hardness is above the national average, calcium deposits on the tank-less water heater can cause damage and premature failure. In some cases though, it's the best solution--for example, where space is limited.
  • Electric Tank Water Heaters are perfect for homes where a gas line is not available but use more energy than gas. For some homes though, this is the only option. Also, they are the least expensive.

What kind of Water Heater is best?

Brand name water heaters are reliable. Most come with a 6 or 7 year tank and parts warranty. We sell Bradford White, John Woods, Rheem and others. You many have a personal preference, but if not, we'd be happy to make a suggestion and we'll advise you if a manufacturer has a product on sale.

What about a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters are many times more expensive that the standard tanked variety. However, where space is an issue, and money is no object, they have a place.

Efficiency ratings have not been shown to be particularly encouraging. You will save gas for sure, but you may in fact use more water. 

Our gas technician can answer your specific questions about tankless water heaters in the Waterloo Region.