Is Grocery Store Water Safe?

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Is Grocery Store Water Safe?

Tap water is questionable at best. Sure it's usually bacteria-free, thanks to heavy chlorination, but what about the other stuff that may be present. Trace pesticides, pharmaceuticals, even artificial sweeteners may contaminate your drinking water supply.

So, how do you make sure the water you are drinking is clean?

Buying water is one way, but even then, there are no guarantees. Those big blue jugs you purchase and lug from the local grocery store are subject to all kinds of problems. Firstly, the water is nothing more than local tap water, passed through a series of filters and a reverse osmosis membrane. It's the same procedure you might use in your own home but with one vital difference. 

You are in control of your drinking water.

When you have reverse osmosis in your home, YOU are in control of the filter and membrane changes. When you buy from a giant R/O system in the mall, it is positioned for one purpose only, and that is to make a profit. 

After almost 30 years in the water treatment business, I've seen enough to be skeptical of the maintenance of such water machines. Membranes can cost as much as $800. and well, if you do the arithmetic, clearly it would make sense to leave those membranes as long as possible before changing them out. 

Bottled water is a profit-driven business. Should you buy into it?

Of course, the quality of the water may be excellent. But what about the bottles themselves? Are they cleaned properly? Can you introduce bacteria into the water simply by touching the lip of the bottle? 

Is it heavy to lug? Is the plastic migrating into the water?

So, my conclusion is as always -- better to be safe and do it yourself. A reverse osmosis unit installed in your home is easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive and of course, you always have water on demand. 

Benefit from filtering your own water.

With that extra water available on tap, you will have plenty to use for cooking, pets, plants, and washing fruits and vegetables.  That's a huge bonus, right there. 

And you just might be inspired to drink more water, too.

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