Installing a water softener in your home will not only make the water more pleasant but it will add years of life to your appliances and plumbing. Dishwashers absolutely require soft water to operate effectively. Your laundry will be cleaner, your dishes will sparkle and your skin and hair will love it.

Things to consider when buying a softener

You should look for efficiency. That means a softener that uses less salt and water to regenerate. Our softener was chosen for the Ontario Green Home project, because of its high-efficiency rating. 

You should size your softener correctly. 

For Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas.
  • 30-32K size for a family of up to 4
  • 45-48K size for a family of up to 6
  • 60-64K size for a family of up to 8

What about the installation?

Softener installations typically take less than an hour. We will remove your old softener for no extra charge.


Payment is not required until the installation is complete however you have the option of paying online, hands-free. If you do happen to push the "buy now" buttons below, we will call you to book your installation as soon as we receive the order.

How does a water softener work? (easy explanation)

10 Things you should know about water softeners