Does Salt-Free work in the Waterloo Region?

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Does Salt-Free work in Waterloo Region?

You have probably heard about the Region's interest in salt-free water conditioning. Notice I didn't say salt-free "softener." Well, that's because these systems do not actually soften the water. Softened water occurs by way of an ion exchange process which is what happens when you use a sodium-based water softener. 

Salt-free systems are better described as "scale inhibitors." And now the question you've wanted to hear the answer to -- do they work? 


The answer is a loud and clear YES! 

 In light of the recent salt shortage in Kitchener, Waterloo and area, perhaps looking more closely at an alternative makes a lot of sense. After all, the salt your softener uses is going down the drain and will eventually find its way into the drinking water. Yes, there is already trace sodium in the water supply and that will only get worse. Salt from de-icing as well as softeners is to blame.
Newer softeners use far less salt than models over 10 years old, but if you go for a scale-inhibitor, you will get the benefits of a traditional softener without any salt at all?

So what's stopping you?

Well, firstly, your expectations have to be realistic. You won't be actually removing the minerals from the water, so it won't have that slippery feeling. You will, however, be preventing scale from building up in your plumbing and in your appliances.

No water to backwash, no salt and no electricity make this type of system the ultimate green solution to hard water problems.
Doesn't it cost a fortune to buy a salt-free system? Actually, no. You will probably come out a little ahead at the end of 5 years, given the price of salt. Did you notice that the salt bags are smaller but the price is higher?

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